Root Canal Treatment (Endodontic Therapy)

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What is the Root Canal Treatment (Endodontic Therapy)

 What is the purpose? What does it accomplish?

  • You may find yourself in the situation where you know your tooth needs root canal treatment, and you get the point that it offers a way of saving your tooth.

But you don’t really understand how it does that??

  • Well, that’s what our clinic is all about. It outlines the purpose of having root canal therapy and explains its goals and objectives.
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At when you may need endodontic treatment?

  1. Significant tooth discomfort or pain
  2. Prolonged tooth sensitivity to hot and cold
  3. Gum tenderness to the touch and when chewing
  4. Swelling
  5. Tooth discoloration
  6. Drainage and tenderness in the lymph nodes, jaw bone and gingival tissues

If a root canal procedure is not performed, an abscess (infected pus pocket) can form at the tip of the tooth root that can be painful. Even if there is no pain, the bone holding the tooth in the jaw can be damaged.

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1. What is Root Canal Treatment?

Root Canal (or Endodontics) therapy refers to the process where a dentist treats (cleans and seals off) that space inside a tooth originally occupied by its (nerve tissue).

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2. What is Root Canal Treatment?

Root Canal treatment is the process that’s used to treat pathological conditions inside a tooth that have affected its nerve (and frequently the tissue that surround its root too.)
Completing tooth treatment sets the stage so your body’s healing process can take place as effectively as possible, thus allowing the tissues surrounding your tooth to maintain a healthy state.

The procedure itself is basically a two stage process.

Cleaning the tooth’s interior: first portion of the procedure removes compromised and / or contaminates from within a tooth’s nerve space.

Sealing off the treated area: the procedure is completed by filling in and sealing off the cleansed space, so contaminates can’t leak back in, or out.

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3. Other things you need to know to understand Root Canal Treatment?

Where precisely in a tooth is its nerve?

Teeth are not solid objects. Inside every tooth there lies a hollow chamber that contains its “nerve” (pulp tissues)

Dentist use the following terms to refer to various portions of this space.

a) Root Canals: root canal are tapered tunnel-like spaces that generally run the full length of the root (from its apex tip) to its pulp chamber.

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b) The Pulp Chamber: this is the hollow areas that lies more or less in the center of the tooth’s crown (the part of the tooth positioned above its gum line ) this is the area a dentist drills into the gain access to each of a tooth’s root canals.

What does the number of root canals means to you?

The number of canals that a tooth has will affect you in the following ways.

a) The cost of a tooth treatment: is typically based on the number of individual Canals that it has.

b) Appointment length: correlates with the number of canals being treated its more time consuming for a dentist to treat a tooth with 4 canals as opposed to one that just has one.

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